These media management and content production courses have been developed by the OPEN Media Hub, an EU funded project implemented by Thomson Foundation. The courses are permanently open and free of charge.

Media Management Courses

Maximising Print and online Revenue

Learn from Veselin Vachkov, director of Czech newspaper Lidove Noviny how to create and use diverse sources of revenue to help make your media a profitable business.

Digital Media: Audience Engagement Learn how to analyse and grow on-site and off-site audiences, conduct deep dives and increase your engagement rates.

The Principles of Media Company Management

Master some effective management tools for small and medium-sized media companies.

Business planning for small media companies Writing realistic business plans that will help make your media a successful and sustainable company

Digital Transition in the Newsroom

Design and manage the successful switch to digital in your newsroom.

Identify and Debunk Disinformation Learn from the leading experience of AFP Fact checkers

Series of workshops for media managers from the European Neighbourhood 2017-2019 Consultant Presentation

Content Production Courses

Professional Production Checklist

Learn the basics of video production, the essentials of working with digital video cameras and the accessories needed to deliver professional video.

Camerawork and editing Master the major skills of shooting and editing on the most popular editing software and get tips on visual storytelling. 

Online media production Master the essentials of online media: blogs, CMS, online layout; writing for the Web; visual elements: Photo, Video, Interactive Images; Crafting text for social media; cool tools and apps.

Innovation in storytelling Learn how to tell a story with “Square video”, self-authored human stories, video made from photos, 360* videos “Texting” and Gifs.

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