Stories from the European Citizens’ Initiative

This page is for stories from our latest challenge: helping people make use of the European Citizens’ Initiative, a tool for direct democracy which allows ordinary citizens have direct impact on political decisions that concern them. See how others did it; and sign up on the specialised Forum to learn more about it now. 

How to Get 1,6 Million Signatures and Surpass the Threshold in Twenty-One EU Member States: The Secrets of a Successful European Citizens’ Initiative

Citizens who care, a very clearly defined purpose, a vast and reliable network of national organisers, thousands of volunteers across the EU and advanced online campaigning skills helped this European Citizens’ Initiative break the records and surpass the threshold for support in twenty-one EU Member States. Find out how they made it!

Read the entire story told by Olga Kikou, End the Cage Age Initiative representative,

From the Student Dorm to the Priorities of the European Green Deal: The Incredible Story of a Young Climate Activists’ Initiative to Tax Jet Fuel in the EU

In less than a year the student-led idea ‘Ending the aviation fuel tax exemption in Europe’ made it from a discussion among friends passionate about the environment to an officially registered European Citizens’ Initiative; and to the European Green Deal’s list of priorities.

Story by Timothée Galvaire & Tassos Papachristouinitiative representatives

From January 2019 when our initiative took form in our dormitory, to winning a lobbying award and to our policy proposal being taken up by the European Commission, the past year has been a testament to our efforts as an organisation that is only just beginning its journey…

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