Our Story

  • ProMedia was founded in 1998 to foster the development of independent Television in Bulgaria. It has been among the main driving forces behind the reform of the media legislation, in enhancing media professionalism and in building strong and responsible media and journalistic associations in the country. Many of today’s leading figures in the Bulgarian broadcast media have received professional training at ProMedia.
  • The organisation was instrumental in helping launch private Television in the country and has supported the professional development of the majority of today’s leading Bulgarian broadcast media outlets.
  • ProMedia has helped the development of key professional organisations such as the Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters, the Bulgarian Media Coalition and the Access to Information Program.  
  • Since 2008, ProMedia has been expanding its business outside the country and is working with partners and media in the countries of the European Union, the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa.
Journalist, media manager and consultant Petko Georgiev has led ProMedia since its establishment in 1998.
  • Initially started as a program for the development of private television in the country, ProMedia has expanding its activities in the field of digital media, modern methods of media management and in the field of professional communications.
  • ProMedia group includes the Radio and Television Training Center ProMedia Foundation, a non-for profit entity working in public benefit and ProMedia Production Ltd, a media production and consulting company.

ProMedia Productions

  • ProMedia Productions provides professional consulting services in the field of media management, the digital transformation, production of content for television and online distribution, as well as services in the development and implementation of comprehensive communication strategies and campaigns.

The Radio and Television Training Center ProMedia Foundation

  • The Radio and Television Training Center ProMedia Foundation is founded by the International Research & Exchanges Board – IREX, a leading US based global development and education organization. In 1998-2008 BTC ProMedia implemented the USAID-funded Professional Media Program in Bulgaria. The Foundation has worked on projects funded by the EU, the Open Society Foundations, the Central European Trust for Democracy, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, the Balkan Trust for Democracy and many others.

The mission of ProMedia:

  • Provide professional media training in media management, digital transformation and production of the highest quality media content;
  • Support for the development of free, independent and professional media;
  • Lead and support production of television and online media content in thematic areas of key importance for the democratic development of the country and the region;
  • Support for the development of professional media organizations

ProMedia offers:

  • Unparalleled experience and skills in supporting the development of independent media in Bulgaria as well as in the European Union, the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa;
  • Professional, motivated and dedicated team including some of the best Bulgarian and international experts in the field of media training, television production, public relations and advocacy;
  • Production of media content and conducting professional training at its own TV studio or at the client’s base of operation;
  • National and international network of partner organizations and professional contacts;
  • A full range of consulting services for the preparation and implementation of PR and media strategies and campaigns, as well as training in public relations and media for non-governmental organizations, public institutions and corporate clients.

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