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Throughout the years ProMedia has produced a great number of Television programs aired by TV stations in Bulgaria and abroad; we have trained hundreds of media professionals in over 25 countries; we have helped dozens of media outlets and professional associations develop their management skills; and we have been involved in professional communication services. Here are a few examples of our work:

Clean Slate (Na Chisto)

TV Series in which a team of investigative journalists look for the hidden truth behind unsolved crimes and expose corruption and embezzlement.

“Every month, the Bulgarian television program ”Na Chisto” sends its reporters out to expose illicit business deals and scandals involving public figures. Hidden cameras are used to provide proof.”

The New York Times

In recognition of Na Chisto’s outstanding contribution to transparency, the program host Daniela Trencheva was awarded the “Bulgarian of Merit” Award in 2008. The program ran for seven seasons on Nova TV and a network of regional TV stations across Bulgaria.

Proving Guilt

Proving Guilt is a TV documentary series about the problems and failures of criminal justice in Bulgaria. It tells compelling stories and looks at complex legal issues. The series shows the actual people involved: perpetrators, investigators, police officers, witnesses, prosecutors and judges. There is limited use of documentary re-enactment of key aspects of the crime, but no dramatization and staged action scenes.The main focus of the documentary series are the problems faced by the justice system in the process of proving guilt – from the initial gathering of evidence through the indictment to the entry into force of the final sentence.
One season, 12 episodes shown on Nova TV.

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